A global solution for meeting regulatory requirements

Complete a money laundering business risk assessment and receive instant results

Global Solution

Measure the likelihood of money laundering or financing of terrorism occurring within your business. This assessment meets the Regulatory Risk Based Approach for all jurisdictions.

Size & Complexity

Measure risk against the nature, size and complexity of business, products / services, customers, method of delivery, geography and institutional relationships.

Heat Maps

Users receive a detailed data report containing a heat map of key risk indicators, individual risk weightings, an aggregate risk score and the risk matrix ranges.

Balance Resources

Industry surveys show businesses can spend months preparing their risk assessment. Save inhouse resourcing. Use an online solution designed by AML experts.


Risk profiles require ongoing maintenance. Your results are maintained in your online register, enabling annual updates to be completed within minutes.


Your stakeholders include AML supervisors and auditors. Your risk report will clearly set out the Key Risk Indicators and Risk Drivers so they understand profile results.


Though the AML360 solution is comprehensive, should your organisation require additional analysis, your Dashboard enables adjustment of data inputs and risk metrics.

Corporate Groups

If your organisation conducts risk profiling for multiple businesses, your dashboard enables viewing of risk at high level across all groups, down to individual entities.

Key Risk Indicators

We provide the option to refocus your Key Risk Indicators into any category of priority. This is a fully flexible money laundering risk profiling solution for all nations.

Global Risk Assessment

We have a global AML business risk assessment solution for all countries.

Simply login, select data from drop-down boxes, click 'calculate' and you are done.

You will receive a full risk report including risk matrix, risk ratings for key risk divisions, factors influencing risk, an aggregate risk score and industry guidance notes.