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A Law Firm's AML/CFT Compliance Solution

AML360 provides software for legal practitioners that allows AML/CFT compliance to be quick, efficient and low cost. We achieve through data automation. The software completes business risk assessments, internal reviews of compliance status, customer risk assessments, monitoring client activity, online training and case management. Legal professionals can subscribe to a single module or use as a building block to develop a complete digital compliance framework. Gain confidence with regulatory technology.

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Reduce Compliance Burden with AML/CFT Management Software

The laws of anti-money laundering are heavy in administrative duties.  This includes keeping a business risk assessment up-to-date, undertaking customer profiling, measuring strengths and weakness of a compliance framework, record keeping, training and ongoing monitoring. Each of these elements need to meet regulatory expectation of being “effective”. 

As the majority of law firms operate without a full-time AML/CFT compliance professional, this often leads to inadequate policies, procedures and controls. AML Supervisors are quick to take enforcement action when inadequacy is detected. AML360 software protects against such risks.

This anti-money laundering technology allows administrative clerks to manage AML/CFT compliance with outcomes that are equal to a professional compliance officer.

The software incorporates legal requirements across all jurisdictions. There is also an information resource library to respond to client queries.

As the software automates compliance, human resourcing costs are significantly reduced and regulatory efficiency is gained.

By using AML360’s regulatory technology, legal practices can finally get peace of mind that they are on top of AML/CFT compliance. 

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Firm-Wide Risk Assessment

  • AML/CFT Risk Report

    To generate an AML/CFT business risk report, users simply login, select data on screen, add notes, then click 'Calculate'. Though we offer a sophisticated solution, we ensure our costs are affordable.

  • Easy Interpretation

    The report explains each money laundering and financing of terrorism risk inherent in your firm. Colour coded indicators provide easy interpretation. Prompts and tips are provided for policy development.

  • Automated Updates

    For no additional fee, update as often as required throughout the subscription period.

Check Compliance Status

  • 70+ Hot Spots

    Complete the AML/CFT compliance Healthcheck and review the status of 70+ Compliance Hotspots. If you pass the HealthCheck, you have a level of regulatory certainty that your AML/CFT compliance framework is meeting compliance expectation.

  • Case Management

    Use the case management feature to keep on track of any remediation actions. Once remediation is complete, re-run the HealthCheck for an improved compliance rating.

  • Strengthen Controls

    AML Supervisors and auditors will review your strategies to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of policy, procedures and controls. The AML/CFT HealthCheck equips your firm with evidence-based compliance.

AML HealthCheck

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