AML360 is regulatory technology configured to the risk based approach for managing money laundering compliance risks. AML360 bundles policy, procedures and controls into a single compliance platform, managed from the Cloud. 

We use algorithms to automatically apply best practice techniques for application of the regulatory 'risk based approach' for managing AML/CFT compliance obligations.

Over the past five years we have been consistently ranked as a leading software vendor in anti-money laundering compliance solutions. We are recognised alongside big brands such as Oracle, Fiserv and Thomson Reuters. Though we are known among the big players in the AML compliance software market, we don't have the big price tag. 

Our solutions are used by all sized financial institutions from banks to owner/operated business structures. 

Delivered as both Software-as-a-Service and managed client services AML360 delivers best practice and evidence based compliance solutions.

AML360 uses regulatory technology to provide businesses an AML compliance platform in the cloud.  We deliver a digital compliance framework, configured to the nature, size and complexity of your business.

We assist both small and large organisations to transition from labour intensive manual systems to a digital compliance  solution to manage every aspect of AML/CFT compliance obligations.

Configured to the application of the risk based approach, we incorporate advisory and guidance services.  In doing so, businesses can reduce their level of human resourcing allocation for managing AML compliance and instantly save on operational costs.

As a 'ready-to-go' RegTech solution, businesses can strengthen existing controls, without the need for exorbitant fees.

Login. Go. Click. Done.

Regulatory technology  will increase efficiency and reduce operational compliance costs.

AML360's application incorporates international best practice of the  regulatory 'risk based approach' to AML compliance.  The measuring, monitoring and reporting on data is  automated allowing AML compliance officers to spend less time on administrative matters and more time focusing on higher compliance priorities.

We profile businesses, clients, products, services and geographies.  We can measure the overall current compliance status of an organisation and automatically generate guidance reports to strengthen compliance weaknesses. 

We have systems that allow auditors to run tests on risk models and we provide a case management register so all matters, whether low or high priority, can be monitored and tracked.

There is no element of AML/CFT compliance that we cannot risk profile, manage and monitor. 

This is because our technology has been developed with extraordinary flexibility to ensure AML360 can deliver a tailored solution to meet the unique and specific nature of AML compliance risks.

From the AML360 platform your business can manage the full lifecycle of AML/CFT compliance:  from client onboarding to off-boarding, to product risk evaluation, transaction monitoring and management reporting.  Whatever your requirements, we have you covered.

Of course! Your business can subscribe to a single solution, such as the BSA/AML risk assessment. 

When you are ready to turn on additional features of your platform, just select your subscription choice and  within one working day of cleared payment, your new compliance control is added to your platform and ready to go.

AML360 is a fully intuitive, risk and compliance monitoring platform that successfully manages AML/CFT compliance in any jurisdiction.

AML360 collates, measures and reports data in a single action.  Risk reports are generated and accessed from the compliance platform.

All of AML360's compliance platforms are equipped with data filters and analytical tools to ensure risk compliance reports and heat maps are provided at both a high level, as well as  capability of deep analysis.

Management reports are supported by heat maps and summary data tables. 

AML360 provides businesses two options for using the software - a self-managed subscription or a managed services subscription.  The 'managed services' option assigns an AML professional so the client has additional support in managing AML/CFT, without having to employ a full time professional.  Typical clients represent Tier 2-5 banks and Tier 1-2 financial service professionals.  It does not matter whether your business is big or small - our regulatory technology delivers first class AML/CFT compliance services. 

AML360’s AML managed services reduces up to 80% of all AML/CFT compliance obligations - giving clients 24/7 access to AML360’s leading regulatory technology. Clients can then view their risk and compliance registers and add file notes to tasks yet to be actioned whilst maintaining full control of their data.

Just select your required solutions from the subscription form.

Following cleared payment, you will receive an email with instructions on how to access your online account to get started.  

Following subscription for the 'plug-and-go’ solutions, such as the BSA/AML risk assessment, clients receive an email containing login details. If a business subscribes to a product requiring configuration, such as establishing transaction monitoring rules, clients will receive a consultation service including  testing of rules for adequacy.