Evaluate your Compliance Status

The AML360 HealthCheck examines 70+ compliance hotspots. Use the AML HealthCheck to review your current  AML compliance status. Prompts and tips are provided for areas of weakness. The results will guide you to a better audit outcome.

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What is an AML HealthCheck?

An AML HealthCheck is a self-evaluation of the status of your anti-money laundering compliance program.  Accordingly, it evaluates all essential aspects that AML auditors and AML supervisors examine. 

Also known as an AML compliance review, your business will be provided with an opportunity to remedy weaknesses before a material breach occurs.


What does an AML HealthCheck review?

AML360’s compliance health check reviews those areas of a compliance program that commonly cause breaches. These areas are:


Supporting an AML audit.

An anti-money laundering compliance framework requires consistent performance. Therefore,  most AML/CFT legislation stipulates the need to undertake internal reviews.

Accordingly, an AML auditor will test how a business examines its strengths and weaknesses. They will also investigate what procedures are in place to strengthen the program.

By incorporating an AML HealthCheck, your business can evidence its review procedures. 

AML360’s HealthCheck includes case management which allows compliance actions to be remedied and tracked. 

AML Compliance Health Check