Test your Compliance Status.

The quantitative aspect of this risk evaluation has been done.  Your role is to qualify your self-rating.  Prompts and tips are provided for areas of weakness.  The results will guide you to a better audit outcome.

Comprehensive Report

Your report incorporates references to legal requirements, heat maps and advice on how to strengthen compliance controls.

Heat Maps & Charts

Your report includes heat maps so you can readily identify problem areas. Advisory tips and recommendations are included.

Reduce Human Resourcing

AML compliance does not have to be resource intensive. Our automated systems ensure you reduce human resourcing levels.

Global Service

Evaluate against international best practice on a risk based approach and get peace of mind for AML compliance.

Comprehensive Analysis

Measure the AML compliance risk status across your framework with 70 plus hot spots evaluated and reported on.

Eliminate Consulting Fees

We have packaged professional services to online products so your business can take control without incurring advisory fees.

Protect Brand

By undertaking the AML/CFT HealthCheck you can resolve issues before any external third party inspection or examination.

Best Practice Compliance

We evaluate against best practice, drawing on industry standards for AML compliance across industry sectors and sub-sectors.

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