Plug & Go

AML360 provides regulatory technology and professionally managed services so businesses can get on with business. Automate compliance and reduce operational costs.

Simplifying Compliance

Anti-Money Laundering Software

AML360’s anti-money laundering software eliminates consulting fees and labour intensive processes by providing an online platform pre-configured to regulatory expectation. Using a point and click function, the software instantly analyses and reports on the risk profiling and compliance status.

Ongoing Monitoring

Anti-money laundering software

We offer one of the most affordable AML software for transaction monitoring.  Not only is AML360’s anti-money laundering software affordable, it evidences regulatory effectiveness. Using colour coding, the highest risk activity is easy to identify. The transaction red flag file note contains all essential data to ensure the investigative component of suspicious activity is quickly concluded.


We can allocate your firm with regulatory technology and an AML professional.

Alerts & Notifications

Get rid of paper and move to digital. Easily manage multiple jurisdictions.


The platform provides ongoing monitoring of client activity.

Anti-Money Laundering Software

AML360 Dashboard