Batch KYC Profiling

Our solutions are ready to configure KYC profiling to match the nature, size and complexities of your business. Move from non-compliant to compliant in a day!

AML Software-as-a-Service

Risk Configuration

You have full control of the data you wish to profile, as well as the risk thresholds. Your compliance software is flexible to your specific requirements. Our professional consultants are available to assist.

Global Solution

If your business is operating across several jurisdictions, you can elect to operate with a group wide client risk profile across all jurisdictions or manage separate profiling based on domestic country risks.

Ongoing Monitoring

Your AML360 risk and compliance dashboard includes registers for reviewing and enhanced monitoring. We make it easy to evidence compliance to your independent auditor.

Tracking and Reporting

Professionally manage and monitor your client risk database. The register records risk profiles and updates to client screening. Easy ongoing maintenance.

Bulk Profiling

We provide two options for client profiling. Small businesses can enter data at time of each client onboarding. For larger businesses a bulk upload is available.

Key Risk Indicators

Each key risk driver is provided a risk rating. This allows your business to instantly identify what client profile requires closer scrutiny and ongoing monitoring.

Heat Maps

A picture speaks a thousand words. With a couple of mouse clicks, you can view thousands of clients in a single, visually attractive heat map.

Keep Up-to-Date

We simplify updates with automation. Our systems have embedded best practice procedures. Updates are instant. Risk profiling is streamlined.

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