AML Compliance-as-a-Service

3-in-1 Essential Software Package

Not only do we promise to reduce your compliance costs but we also provide greater efficiency in streamlining workflows and meeting regulatory expectation.

AML Software

Update as often as needed

This is a 12-month subscription where your business can update its risk assessment as often as required – at no additional fee.

Be Kept Informed

Your digital compliance register includes heat maps and reports. We use risk colour coding to provide you fast interpretation.

Ongoing Monitoring

With the Essential Package you receive the essential tools for evaluating your  AML/CFT compliance risks.

AML SupTech

Business Risk Assessment

We have removed the complexity for financial institutions evaluating the likelihood of facilitating money laundering and/or financing of terrorism.

Using regulatory technology and a methodology known as the risk based approach, banks and financial institutions can now complete their assessment online & fast.

Annual updates are instant.

AML Outsourcing

Product & Service Evaluation

Evaluating individual risks of your products and services is easily managed from your risk register.

Your register provides an overall risk score, including individual key risk indicators and a profile report. 

Use these reports to confirm to key stakeholders you have ongoing monitoring procedures and controls in place for evaluating individual product and services risk.

AML Compliance HealthCheck

Identify Compliance Hot Spots

Examine across 70+ regulatory hot spots that should be operating in your organisation. 

Run your internal compliance HealthCheck and identify current strengths and weaknesses.  

Use the case management register to track and report on remediation actions.