Help your members define and shape their anti-money laundering compliance framework

Compliance Services

Respond to the needs of your members by providing high quality AML compliance tools. Customize to their business requirements. Each member receives their own online risk register.


Engage with your members, identify their pain points then develop solutions to their problems so that they can concentrate on core business with confidence AML/CFT compliance is being met.

Global Solution

For industry groups providing services across the globe - we have you covered. Our solutions are available in your choice of language, incorporating local regulatory guidance and advice.

Professional Standards

Take your talent or use our compliance experts to design professional modules tailored to your membership base, such as business risk assessments, policies and compliance check lists.

money laundering risk assessments

Increase Revenue

Close the gap for business professionals that struggle with compliance and risk management. Distribute regulatory technology and retain their confidence, whilst protecting industry reputation.


Professionals in the industry are often owner/operator run businesses. Promote membership support by offering business risk assessments, policies, client profiling, compliance reviews, audits and reporting. The options are unlimited.


The dashboard is truly intuitive. The complexities are in the back engine whilst the user interface is simple and easy to follow. For those that do need a helping hand, a resource page is accessible with video instructions. We also offer online chat and phone support.


Easily transfer modules to your members. Click on the 'Manage Users' tab from where you simply select the subscribed module and enter their email. Each time a member adds to their module framework, repeat the process.