AML360 leverages machine learning to automate anti-money laundering compliance

Best Practice

We are AML professionals with former positions as senior managers in banking corporations and advisers to government. We know how to configure AML software for streamlined compliance and we know what regulators want.


Our products are designed to minimise human resourcing commitment. We streamline AML compliance by automating data capturing, analysis, recording and reporting. These functions are completed in a simultaneous action.

Simplified Reporting

The complete picture of your AML risk position is easily interpreted in heat maps, graph charts and data tables. Create a tailored electronic form for your framework or use our ‘Ready-to-Go’ profile option.

Simple Analysis

Our compliance dashboard makes it easy to set risk parameters to customer profiling, business risk assessments, transaction monitoring and internal audits. We provide options of data reports and visual snap-shot results.

Measure & Manage

Embed group policy and set notifications and alerts to remind employees of tasks requiring action. Use the AML dashboard to view risks for single branch entity or view AML risk position at group level.

Global Options

Businesses with multiple geographic locations can operate from a single, centralised database. AML360 is available in all languages. Readily available data at your fingertips 24/7.

Client Profiling

We have a 'Ready-to-Go' client profiling dashboard. Login, select relevant data from dropdown lists, then click 'Calculate'. The client profile is shown on screen and automatically filed in your client risk register.

Transaction monitoring

Upload your spreadsheet of transaction data and receive instant results of higher risk activity. Use the filters to drill down for further detail. Track and record in the case management register.

White Label

Our products are available as a white label option. With your brand adopt our configurations or design your own. Business advisors can provide their clients with additional products and services and increase revenue.