In partnership with Dow Jones, AML360 provides a best practice workflow for screening clients.

Dow Jones Data

Global Sanctions and Other Official Lists, Global Politically Exposed Persons, Relative and Close Associates, Special Interest Persons and Financial Crime.

Email Notification

When a senior manager requires notification, the dashboard allows instant email notification with all necessary records included. This is a streamlined approach for reporting.

Colour Coding

You can select the required level of assurance and view highest priority cases through simple colour coding. This approach reduces false positives and easy interpretation.

Workflow Solution

The AML360 compliance dashboard includes a practical workflow solution allowing red flags and true positives to be efficiently managed and monitored from separate registers.

money laundering risk assessments

Easy Interface

Apply filters to lessen the number of false positives. Record keeping is automated. This is an easy to use interface with regulatory requirements met with a best practice process.

Ongoing Monitoring

The AML360 dashboard includes a Review and Monitor register. File notes can be maintained, providing a track and report system for managers and auditors.

Bulk Upload

There is an option for bulk upload for a single batch screen against the entire customer base. This is useful for re-screening and initial implementation into AML/CFT compliance.


Our client screening solutions provide an end-to-end client life cycle from on-boarding, screening, risk profiling, ongoing due diligence and off-boarding. Manage clients digitally, with a single login.

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