AML Regulatory Technology

Professional Compliance Framework

Business owners and compliance professionals can plug into one platform and instantly power up their anti-money laundering compliance framework. Activate compliance modules and step through automated workflows designed for regulatory effectiveness. The platform ensures businesses use relevant data for identifying, measuring, monitoring and reporting AML/CFT compliance risks. 

AML Mag Global Resource
Risk-Based Technology
AML RegTech Platform
AML Digital Officer

AML Software

Tech-Enabled Compliance Platform

AML360 provides a structured technology framework for businesses to establish and maintain their AML/CFT compliance programs. From the self-administered platform, compliance modules can be activated to automate workflows. The reporting tools generate accurate and customised reports. Eliminate labour-intensive processes.  Access a reliable compliance framework configured to the regulatory risk-based approach.

AML RegTech
PEPs and Sanctions
Business Risks
AML360's enterprise-wide risk assessment has been configured to the regulatory risk-based approach. Comprehensive risk report. Login and Go!
AML Program Controls
Eliminate paper and labour-intensive processes with a digital solution.
AML Case Management
Automate compliance-related tasks, such as monitoring, reporting, data management and audit generation.
AML compliance officer

Streamline Compliance

The requirements to comply with anti-money laundering and countering financing of terrorism laws are increasingly becoming priority issues for governments. The AML360 platform ensures compliance effectiveness and streamlined workflows.

AML automation

Work Smarter Not Harder

Businesses must think smarter by transitioning to compliance frameworks designed with AML Regulatory Technology (AML RegTech). Eliminate labour-intensive processes and perform profiling complexities and reporting with ease.

anti-money laundering compliance

Structure Data

Anti-money laundering compliance frameworks must use relevant data when examining and managing compliance risks. AML360 provides an end-to-end customised platform with an embedded data structure to ensure compliance efficiency.

Peace of Mind

Digital Compliance Officer

Our AML/CFT Tech-Enabled compliance platform provides your business with options to activate compliance frameworks and automate workflows.  Plug & Go compliance frameworks are available for enterprise-wide risk assessments, customer risk profiling, transaction and activity monitoring, internal reviews, geography risks, case management and more.  The technology automates complex processes to reduce labour-intensive aspects, improve compliance efficiency and reduce operational costs.

AML transaction monitoring

AML360 is an online solution that steps users through a structured regulatory framework to evidence compliance efficiency.  

AML Simplicity

One Login for an AML Digital Framework

The AML360 platform provides risk-based technology and an end-to-end SaaS platform for managing every aspect of AML/CFT compliance.  Users can select a single compliance module or develop an entire AML/CFT compliance framework by activating additional modules.  

AML Program