Automate AML Compliance
Machine Learning
Set configured rules to automate administrative work flows.
End-to-End Solution
Manage the complete cycle of AML compliance with one login.
AML360 is one of the most affordable and effective solutions on the market.
Money laundering risk assessments

Best Practice

AML360 software is configured to provide international best practice standards, meeting regulatory requirements of the risk based approach. Easily update configurations as regulations change. Save time and money.


Our products are designed to minimise human resourcing commitment. We streamline AML compliance by automating data capturing, analysis, recording and reporting. Onboarding is frictionless for clients.

Visual Analysis

Easily set risk parameters to customer profiling, business risk assessments, transaction monitoring and internal audits. We provide options of comprehensive data reports and visual snap-shot results.

Simplified Reporting

The complete picture of your AML risk position is easily interpreted in heat maps, graph charts and data tables. Create a tailored profile workflow for your framework or use our ‘Ready-to-Go’ for immediate implementation.

Measure and Manage

Embed group policy and set alert notifications to remind employees of tasks requiring action. Use the AML dashboard to view risks for single branch entity or view AML risk position at group level and monitor multiple jurisdictions.

Global Options

Businesses operating across multiple jurisdictions can manage AML compliance from a single, centralised platform - viewing real time data from all locations. Readily available data at your fingertips - 24/7.

Client Profiling

If your business does not know your client risk profiles then you are unable to easily determine suspicious activity from expected. We have client risk profiling options for small businesses and batch upload for corporates.

Transaction Monitoring

Automate transaction monitoring and receive instant results of higher risk activity. Use the filters to drill down for further detail. Track and record in the case management register. We offer an effective monitoring framework.

Case Management

Use the case management feature to assign tasks to responsible persons, set dates for training requirements or filing regulatory reports. Easily keep on top of administrative tasks and manage higher priorities and important regulatory dates.

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