AML Compliance-as-a-Service

The easy to use compliance management platform. Automate manual tasks, controls and processes by moving to a digital solution. One platform, one process, one overview.

AML Regulatory Technology

AML360 platform

Real-Time Compliance Status

AML Risk Gauge

Improved Compliance Performance

AML RegTech
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Firm-wide AML assessments


We unify client verification, risk profiling and account monitoring into one seamless process. Your client onboarding is automated, sending results direct to your platform.

AML/CFT firm-wide risk assessments


AML360 provides a central location to set and prioritise tasks, track and monitor. Every aspect of compliance is recorded to enable your firm to evidence compliance.

AML risk assessments

Monitoring &

Your platform will manage firm-wide risk assessments, account monitoring, compliance reviews and management reporting for informed decision making.

AML Simplified Compliance
AML/CFT Software

Automated Workflows

Automatically generate business critical reports, set task priorities then track and monitor. Use for client onboarding, client profiling, activity monitoring and compliance reviews.

AML Compliance Technology

Alerts & Notifications

Prompts and alerts notify when a matter requires closer attention. Use for senior management approval for higher risk customers, regulatory updates or compliance reporting.

Team Collaboration

Team Collaboration

No matter where your teams are located, the platform brings them together in one shared space. Your AML Officer can assign tasks with a priority level, then track and monitor.

technology for AML/CFT

Easy Navigation

The platform has been designed to provide users an easy and hassle free experience. Data visualisation includes heat maps and analytical filters are available for easy analysis.

AML Compliance Lifecycle
End-to-end AML platform