AML360 provides your AML officer with a customised digital platform for tracking, monitoring and reporting every aspect of AML compliance. Simplify client profiling and ongoing monitoring with a tailored, data driven solution. Experience automation and lower compliance costs.

AML Software-as-a-Service
AML Compliance-as-a-Service
AML Software Solutions

Know Your Customer

Customised Profiling Solutions

AML Reporting

Ongoing Monitoring

Simplify Reporting

AML Compliance HealthCheck

Identify Hot Spots

Compliance HealthCheck

AML SupTech

Business Risk Assessment

Click Calculate. Done!

AML Outsourcing

Governance & Compliance Reporting

Keep Stakeholders Informed

AML Governance Reporting

Professionally Managed Services

AML Professional + RegTech

AML Compliance-as-a-Service


If your business has limited human resourcing, we will dedicate an AML Manager and provide oversight for ongoing compliance. Not only will we improve your compliance efficiency but we promise to reduce your compliance costs!

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