Anti-Money Laundering

Tech-Enabled Managed Services

We use innovative regulatory technology and dedicated AML/CFT compliance professionals to assist your business in managing its obligations. From the AML360 platform, you can select individual modules which operate on a point-and-click function.  Compliance modules include AML/CFT business risk assessments (BSA risks), client risk profiling, transaction monitoring, management reporting and geography risks. We use a Unique ID system so your customers’ identities remain confidential to your business.

AML Risk Assessment
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Automated Workflows

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Compliance Optimisation

AML Regulatory Technology

Regulatory Technology

Virtual Compliance

We automate workflows to align with your regulatory requirements. This ensures consistency of controls for meeting  business policy and management expectation.

Time to Control Costs

The AML360 platform can reduce compliance costs by as much as 80%. We have achieved this by developing compliance modules that work on a Do-It-Yourself basis. Select your preferred compliance modules or develop your complete AML/CFT compliance framework in a digital, automated solution. Our AML/CFT compliance professionals have 10+ years of experience. If your needs are urgent, we can have your AML/CFT compliance framework established within 24 hours.