Transaction Monitoring
40+ rules to select

Streamline through digital automation. Reduce false positives. Administer through spreadsheet upload. API available for real time monitoring.

AML Transaction Monitoring

Visual Data

Our unique visual display of data enables quick interpretation of account activity.


We simplify client profiling and transaction monitoring to a single risk rating.

Easy Reports

With two clicks, view heat maps and summary data reports against individual customers.

Simple Solution

Red Flag Alerts | All Products | Flexible Rules | Heat Maps | Register | Case Management.

Save Costs

AML360 provides one of the lowest priced transaction monitoring systems on the market.


Click on those transactions that need closer attention and manage from the Register.


View transaction data at group level or branch level. Drill down to product type or customer.

Case Management

The Register provides a case management function for updating and closing alerts.

Any Product Types

All products can be monitored, regardless of complexity. New products instantly added.

Cost Balance

AML360 has the balance right. We significantly reduce human resourcing commitment.

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