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Money Laundering Risks

Your anti-money laundering risk assessment must avoid generic templates.  Equally, the AML risk management report should effectively identify those areas requiring greater oversight of financial crime risk. AML risk assessment software with AML360 technology is configured to the regulatory risk-based approach.  This allows your AML risk assessment report to meet compliance requirements.

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Firm-wide AML risks

AML360 has structured a risk management framework based on prerequisite data to align with AML/CFT laws.

Money laundering risks

An easy user interface allows businesses to select relevant data, add notes, then click ‘Calculate’.

AML/CFT business risks

A comprehensive guidance manual explains the methodology and provides an option for updates.

AML Enterprise-wide Risk Assessment

Automated Reporting

AML360 uses data-driven technology to automate the analysis of risks linked to money laundering and terrorism financing.

Point & Click

With regulatory technology, complexities of the risk process are extinguished. Users use a point-and-click interface to receive a comprehensive AML/CFT business risk report.


Automate your money laundering risk assessment report.

Conducting an anti-money laundering risk assessment can be time-consuming. AML360 reduces labour-intensive processes by providing a point-and-click technology solution. Consequently, risk reports are concluded in less than one hour.  Annual updates take minutes. Save human resourcing by investing in reliable regulatory technology.

AML Software


Effective Management of Money Laundering Risks

Your money laundering risk assessment report is structured into categories of primary risk divisions. Furthermore, each division has colour-coded risk indicators. To assist in managing risks, prompts are provided with options for procedures and controls. Users log in, select data on the screen, and then click ‘Calculate’. A comprehensive risk report is sent to the specified email. Updates are easily administered through your secure Cloud account.

Red Flags

Identify higher risks.

Risk Report

Heat maps and risk matrix.


Automated updates.



Gain Transparency in Risk Evaluation

Keep AML risk management simplified with AML risk assessment software. Just log in to your account, select data on the screen, and then click ‘Calculate’. Algorithms measure AML/CFT risk exposures.  AML360 incorporates automated workflows to manage regulatory obligations. A qualified approach to risk evaluation of money laundering and terrorist financing is simplified with AML360.  


Enterprise-Wide Risk Management

AML360 is suitable for an owner/operator of a small business and risk managers of large institutions. The supporting guidance manual allows you to explain your risk methodology confidently. Thus you can demonstrate knowledge like an AML/CFT compliance professional.

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Meet Regulatory Expectation

The AML risk report is tailored to your business and industry sector. Refrain from second-guessing your risk parameters. Be confident with a qualified approach and a quick online compliance solution. 

Risk evaluation is divided into five segments of business operations. This includes (a) the Nature, size and complexity of the business, (b) client types (B2B and B2C), (c) products and services, (d) Method of delivery and (e) geographic risks.

An overall risk score is provided for each primary business division, as well as individual risk ratings for the underlying influences of the risk.