Anti-money laundering

Meet Regulatory Expectation for Evaluating Business Risks.

Eliminate labor intensive processes by using technology configured to the risk based approach for identifying and reporting AML/CFT risks across business operations.

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BSA AML Assessment
BSA/AML RIsk Assessments


Use a digital risk based approach to measure likelihood of ML/FT occurring

Risk Report

Your report includes heat maps, explanations of risk and a risk matrix

Red Flags

Identify risk areas in business requiring robust policies and procedures.

Global Solution

AML360's methodology meets regulatory expectation of the risk based approach.
AML360 Software

Size & Complexity

Regardless of industry sector, your report is tailored to your business risks.


Keep AML Supervisors and Auditors informed of your ML/TF risks with one click.


Save staff resourcing by using a professional online solution and reduce costs.


Use your online register to automate ML/TF risk analysis and reporting.
AML Firm-wide Risk Assessment

Intelligent decision making

Gain transparency in risk evaluation and be informed on compliance exposures.

Apply the regulatory risk based approach

Risk based algorithms take your defined parameters to calculate a risk rating.  An explanatory report and heat maps enable a visual display of risks for every aspect of your business.

Simple to use

Just login to your account, select data on screen, then click ‘Calculate’.

Best practice workflows

Ensure compliance with legislation and use automated workflows to manage regulatory obligations.

Enterprise wide

Identify the branches or business divisions that are creating the greatest risk.

Simplify Processes & Procedures

The head of risk for a large organisation can easily track and monitor risks across the corporate group.

Powerful dashboard

Create a single view of risks across the group, or use filters to drill down to a specific branch or subsidiary.

Be Informed

Confidently explain your risk methodology and demonstrate knowledge like a compliance professional.

AML Risk Report

Meet regulatory expectation

Don’t second guess your risk parameters.  Be confident with a qualified approach.

Tailored to your business

Ensure you identify risk and compliance issues that are specific to your business. Use the file note feature to inform stakeholders.

Easy updates

Annual updates can be completed within minutes.

Online compliance register

You can update the risk assessment at anytime.  All versions are stored in your personal compliance register.