Validate Risk Models

Regulatory technology allows testing and tweaking of risk models for financial institutions and their auditors.

AML Software-as-a-Service

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AML360 has developed AML auditing solutions that save time, increase auditing thoroughness and deliver the highest level of audit standards as expected by regulatory authorities across the globe.

Model Testing

Our auditing solutions are designed to test the risk methodologies of banks, financial institutions and professional services. This includes BSA/AML evaluations, client profiling, in-house reviews and transaction monitoring.


Audits need to be completed timely. This ensures any identified weaknesses can be quickly remediated, lessening the chance of harm to regulatory expectation. Our systems are automated and fast!

Client Retention

Client retention is made easier by reducing manual processes, thereby reducing disruption to your client's business.

Transaction Analysis

Testing transaction rules is instant and the auditor's findings are presented in an attractive visual format for feedback to the client.


An escalation register for clients to answer queries from the auditor simplifies the auditor-client communications trail, eliminating messy email chains.

Audit Focus

As first class auditing services, the evaluation tool will assist the auditor to identify those areas presenting greater risk of a compliance breach occurring.

Data Visualisation

The software allows auditors to quickly explain their audit findings to clients through smart use of data visualisation. Heat maps support the auditor's report.