No coding is required for monitoring rules

Automatically reduce AML transaction monitoring alerts to the highest priority.  AML360’s transaction monitoring system displays all relevant client activity. This AML transaction monitoring software ensures risk evaluation is streamlined and affordable. 

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Easy interpretation of complex data.

Case Manage

Escalate with automation.

Simplified Reporting

One-click summary reports.


AML Transaction Monitoring

Transaction Monitoring is the single most significant expense for meeting regulatory expectations. As a result, AML360 has reduced costs by providing a secure web application. The web application ensures transaction monitoring meets business requirements. Additionally, no coding is required for AML transaction monitoring rules. We incorporate risk at 3-levels: (a) profile risk, (b) product risk and (c) transaction risk.

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Best AML Transaction Monitoring System

An anti-money laundering monitoring solution should eliminate labour-intensive processes. Therefore, all relevant data should be detailed in the transaction red flag alert. Consequently, this streamlines the decision-making process. Thus, the escalation of transaction alerts will be determined quickly, avoiding the risk of ageing alerts.  

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Identifying Red Flags

Transaction monitoring rules need to align with a business’s nature, size and complexity. Therefore, the rules should reflect product and service risk and client behaviour that, when present, indicates a red flag. As a result, all red flags require escalation so further enquiries can be conducted. Enquiries must determine whether the red flag is a true suspicion or expected client activity. Consequently, when a transaction monitoring system can prioritise alerts, this allows a business to place resourcing in areas of higher urgency.  Furthermore, a system that can prioritise red flag alerts improved governance controls.

AML transaction monitoring system
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Importance of AML Monitoring

Emphatically, transaction monitoring software must evidence effectiveness. Likewise, with weaknesses in ongoing monitoring, the entire compliance framework is threatened. 

As a result, AML360 provides one of the most cost-effective monitoring solutions.  Further, we incorporate case management, tracking, highest-priority alerts and easy escalation.

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