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AML Audits NZ - Section 59 AML/CFT Act

(AML audits NZ). AML360 has been providing AML audits (AML/CFT audits) to New Zealand reporting entities for seven years. We are recognised for our quality assurance audit reports.  Our clients benefit from ongoing assistance to close certain compliance gaps – at no additional charge. We also provide FREE access to AML compliance technology. This ensures the audit process is streamlined, resulting in less disruption to your business.

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Your AML/CFT auditor is an industry compliance professional.


We provide ongoing support to remedy any weaknesses.

Less Disruption

Our systems are designed so you can save and resume when time permits.

AML Audit NZ


What is an AML Audit?

An AML/CFT audit (NZ) systematically checks the functions and outcomes of your AML/CFT programme.  It involves reviewing records linked to your AML risk assessment and programme and examining operational processes. At the end of the audit, your business will understand the weaknesses and strengths of its AML/CFT policy, procedures and controls.

The final audit report will provide clear guidance on your current compliance status and assist in remedying any identified deficiencies.  

Upon request from an AML supervisor, you must provide a copy of any audit report. Your AML supervisor will examine the quality of the audit to ensure it meets their expectations. To find out more about expectations from AML Supervisors, access the AML/CFT audit guideline here:

AML/CFT Audit Guideline

Qualifications & Experience

The expertise of an auditor is critical to a successful AML audit NZ. An experienced and qualified AML auditor will bring higher quality, more efficiency, and less disruption to your business. If your auditor has experience within your industry, it will typically result in providing better value-added auditing services. The lead auditor must meet the conditions provided by AML supervisors.

Use of Technology

The cost of an AML audit NZ will reflect the time the auditor is required to commit.  Therefore if the auditor utilises data analytics with technology, you should expect reduced fees. Further, data analytics provides better insight into your business operations. This means your business will have a better future for avoiding compliance breaches.

AML audit NZ


Audit Plan

Before engaging an auditor, you should ask to receive a copy of their audit plan. An audit plan will state the auditor’s overall strategy and provide detailed steps for conducting the audit.  Does the audit plan give a timeline and invite feedback on audit findings?  How does the auditor ensure the security and confidentiality of your business records? Does the audit plan detail how the audit process meets the expectations of AML supervisors?

Ongoing Support

An AML auditor’s actual value extends beyond the audit itself. Will the auditor remain available to guide your business in implementing recommendations and respond to any questions arising?  Once changes are implemented, does the audit fee include a quality assurance review to ensure the updates are adequate and meet regulatory expectations? Can the auditor provide your business with access to compliance tools that result in your business reducing costs?

How much will an AML audit cost?

Factors that influence an AML audit NZ fee include:

  • Does your business operate from one premise, or is there more than one branch? 
  • How many employees are engaged in an AML/CFT-related role?
  • What are the number of customers and volume of transactions throughout 12 months?
  • Were there any material failures resulting from the previous audit?
  • Has there been an AML supervisor inspection, and if so, what were those findings?
The cost of an AML audit should be considered alongside the qualifications and experience of the auditor. Cost alone should not be the deciding factor.  

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