AML RegTech.

AML RegTech with risk management for Board members, senior managers and executives. Gain fully informed decision-making.  RegTech AML360 makes it easy with tailored reporting. AML reports are supported with heat maps for immediate interpretation and drill-down filters for expansion.

AML risk assessment software


Easy interpretation of complex data.

Case Manage

Escalate with automation.

Simplified Reporting

One-click summary reports.

AML360 meets your AML compliance requirements by providing your business a tailored compliance dashboard.

AML RegTech

Significantly reduce operational compliance costs by automating policy requirements of data collation, analysis and reporting.

By keeping on top of data analysis, businesses can keep on top of regulatory requirements.  AML RegTech allows human resourcing to focus on greatest risks whilst machine learning and data profiling operates in the background, sending results direct to relevant staff such as Money Laundering Reporting Officers.

Informed Decision-Making

To achieve essential elements of Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC), business owners need to have readily available access to crucial management reports.

AML360 RegTech can automate management reporting so senior managers, executives and Board members can keep on top of regulatory risks through tailored and meaningful executive reports.

AML RegTech
AML Regulatory Technology

AML Management

Keeping managers and executives informed is easy with heat maps. Heat Maps provide status of Key Risk Indicators.

Critical data reporting remains readily available from online compliance registers.  

Download to PDF and automated email reporting.

Regulatory Confidence

Easily substantiate that your business is operating with reliable management reporting systems.

Establish to auditors and AML Supervisors that your business operates with reliable AML RegTech.

AML RegTech - How it Works


We measure compliance risk exposures across the nature, size & complexity of your business.


We distribute a detailed report of business risks and preferred methodologies for compliance profiling and monitoring.


AML RegTech - How it Works

We develop configurations for your online compliance register to match your business requirements.


We test configurations are meeting your policy & compliance laws.


Roll Out.

Go Live!


AML RegTech 2022

End-to-end AML platform