A Self-Administered Platform for Governing AML/CFT Compliance

AML360 has wrapped anti-money laundering regulatory technology into an enterprise-wide, self-administered platform. From the platform, compliance executives can activate AML/CFT modules to identify issues that are increasing compliance risks. The regulatory workflows have been configured to perform compliance complexities.  Businesses that are unable to employ a full-time compliance professional will benefit from using a system that incorporates subject matter expertise and automated risk profiling and compliance reporting. Businesses have the option to activate all or some the compliance modules which include firm-wide risk assessments, customer risk profiling, monitoring and reporting of red flag activity, geography risks, training, case management and ongoing governance reporting. 

KYC Process
AML firm-wide risks
Firm-Wide Risk Assessment
Login and Go! Select data on the screen, then click 'Calculate'. Receive a comprehensive AML/CFT risk report, heat maps and program tips.
AML Program
Collaborate with staff and ensure updates are instantly reachable to all employees, across all jurisdictions. Get rid of paper and go digital.
PEPs and Sanctions
PEPs & Sanctions
Streamline client onboarding by consolidating PEPs and sanctions screening, identity verification and client risk profiling.
AML Customer Profiling
Customer Profiling
If you do not know the ML/FT risks of your client then you cannot determine unusual or expected account activity.
AML transaction monitoring
Transaction Monitoring
Your transaction and activity monitoring solution can be implemented within 24-hours. Select from 40+ rules. No coding required.
AML Case Management
Case Management
Ensure priority tasks are assigned to responsible persons and managed with adequate oversight by tracking.
Country Risks
Geography Risks
Access reputable data sources and easily decipher those countries considered higher risk.
AML Online Training
Online Training
Our interactive online course includes a certificate upon completion. 90 minutes.
AML Outsource
Get peace of mind with access to a full time AML professional, and leading regulatory technology.