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AML Risks, Compliance & Governance

Board members, senior managers and executives must be fully informed to execute effective AML risk management and first-class AML transaction monitoring.  AML360 makes it easy with tailored reporting, supported with heat maps for immediate interpretation and drill-down filters for expansion.

AML risk management
AML Software Alerts
Alerts & Notifications
Your AML360 platform alerts when a matter requires further examination or escalation. Use for customer profiling, transaction monitoring and management reporting.
AML firm-wide risks
Firm-Wide Risk Assessment
Login and Go! Select data on the screen, then click 'Calculate'. Receive a comprehensive AML/CFT risk report, heat maps and program tips.
AML Case Management
Case Management
Ensure priority tasks are assigned to responsible persons and managed with adequate oversight by tracking.

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AML Risk Management

Simplifying Compliance

AML360’s anti-money laundering software eliminates consulting fees and labour-intensive processes.

Customer risk profiling, business risk assessments and AML transaction monitoring can be administered from the AML/CFT compliance platform. 

Using a point-and-click function, the software instantly analyses and reports on risk profiling and the compliance status.

AML Case Management

An AML risk management solution requires the capability of tracking and reporting on priority issues. 

As a digital solution, AML360 requires a simple point-and-click function for instant analysis.

Optimise your AML/CFT framework with AML360 regulatory technology. Manage every aspect of AML/CFT compliance from a single login.

AML Transaction Monitoring

AML transaction monitoring

We offer one of the most affordable AML software for AML transaction monitoring.  Not only is AML360’s anti-money laundering software affordable, but it also evidences regulatory effectiveness. Using colour coding, the highest-risk activity is easy to identify. The transaction red flag file note contains all essential data to ensure the investigative component of suspicious activity is quickly concluded.

AML RegTech
AML Transaction Monitoring SaaS