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Risk Status

Board members and executives are often failing in knowing the status of BSA/AML compliance risks facing their bank. AML360 uses specialised regulatory technology to deliver the right level of data to keep banking stakeholders informed.

Reporting Structure

As a bank’s survival ultimately depends on the board’s decision making processes, without an effective reporting methodology, the stakeholders are not receiving prerequisite regulatory data. AML360 automates these controls reducing regulatory risk.

Data Visualisation

People process visualisation up to 60,000 times faster than text and the average person only remembers about a fifth of what they hear. That's why we incorporate heat maps and summary tables to executive reports. We ensure BSA/AML at the right level.

Interactive Reporting

AML360's interactive reports allow executives to drill down through various data levels at the click of a button.

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Saving Time

Being able to instantly deploy AML360's plug-and-go management reporting solution will allow the bank to focus on its core capabilities.

Eliminate Spreadsheets

For banks that have an existing risk model developed within a spreadsheet, AML360 can transfer this methodology direct into its technology. By doing so, the bank transitions from a manual process to a sophisticated digital solution.

Identify Weaknesses

To protect the bank from regulatory enforcement action, board members and executives need independent management reports that inform on strengths and weaknesses of the bank's AML compliance framework.

Discharge Duties

AML360 enables BSA/AML stakeholders within a bank to discharge their AML governance duties in a simplified, ongoing reporting methodology that delivers data quality and knowledge at the right level for banking executives.

Automating anti-money laundering compliance with regulatory technology!

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