The Dawn of a New Era in AML Supervisory Technology -

AML360 is a pioneer of AML supervisory technology.  We provide a hybrid solution that connects the industry with AML supervisors and eliminates costs to the private sector.

AML SupTech

“In line with the FATF Standards, the FATF encourages the use of technology, including Fintech, Regtech and Suptech to the fullest extent possible.” – Statement by the FATF President: COVID-19 and measures to combat illicit financing

A flexible digital solution for AML/CFT supervisors

AML360’s digital SupTech AML solution has the capability to pin-point higher risk areas across sectors collectively and individually. Our solution ensures AML/CFT supervisors allocate resourcing to higher risk areas, whilst at the same time monitoring for change in risk status across all reporting entities. 

The AML360 system ensures reliable data can remain readily available at the fingertips of AML/CFT supervisors – during Covid-19 and beyond.

Automating AML workflows

Annual Reporting

AML360’s SupTech solution enables businesses, to submit their annual reports from any mobile device and in a manner that is user friendly. 

AML360’s SupTech solution identifies and assesses the information collected to help determine risks against regulatory objectives.

Deep Data Analytics

The ability to perform data exploration is imperative to the performance of AML/CFT Supervisors.

AML360’s SupTech solution allows for the analysis of big data.

AML360’s SupTech solutions also allows for segregation of those members influencing the risk of regulatory objectives not being met. It facilitates the analysis, understanding and interpretation of the causes of failings then guides and tracks a member through their remediation process.

Desk Based Reviews

AML/CFT Supervisor can meet their objectives by carrying out:

  • sector-wide risk analysis
  • thematic work
  • outreach work
  • reviewing members’ case files
  • providing general guidance
  • industry training, and
  • communications.

Resources are efficiently allocated through desk-top appraisals and reviews of risks which can be completed swiftly by application of quality data analysis and filters.

AML360's SupTech solution includes:

  • Adoption of FATF’s recommendations in application of the Risk Based Approach
  • A best practice risk-based methodology
  • Options to facilitate annual reporting
  • Quantitative data (providing a description of the risk)
  • A proven risk scoring methodology
  • Risk matrix’s and heat maps
  • Guidance and explanation of risks
  • Case management facilities
  • A dedicated task register
  • Informed profiling of reporting entities
  • Ability to test application of transaction rules
  • Geography risks
  • Filters for managing deep data analysis
  • An end-to-end AML/CFT SupTech platform

Sector Risk Profiling

The AML360 SupTech platform has options of displaying reports in attractive visual displays. This style of reporting is beneficial to executives who have oversight, such as Boards and Committees. 

Any type of key risk area can be incorporated into sector and national risk assessments, right down to industry and individual reporting entity levels. 

AML360’s SupTech solution identifies and assesses the international & domestic risks of money laundering and terrorism financing in any defined sector at either a national or international level.

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AML360’s SupTech solution enables AML/CFT Supervisors to discharge their duty using a simplified reporting methodology that includes a visually attractive and interactive risk management reporting platform. 


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