Geography Risks

Whether it is risks related to money laundering, terrorism financing or sanctions – we have the solutions.

Local and International

Data sets can be either an international perspective, data across your local jurisdiction or a combination of both. There are no limitations. The choice is yours.

Fully Tailored

You have options to use reputable data sets, combine reputable data sets into one risk score or develop a tailored risk configuration that may be unique to your business.


Use the filters to select country data and view results on a global map or drill down to a specific country or select a risk level to display all countries in that category.

Multiple Options

Your geography risk dashboard provides you a dropdown lists of the most relevant data sources. There is no limitation to what type of data you can include. Results are instant.

money laundering risk assessments

Easy Interpretation

Our colour coding and country file note ensures there is no complex or bulky data to interpret. You get sufficient information to interpret risks in a fast and expedient manner.

Border Risk

This methodology to examining country risks incorporates an easy approach to identifying border risks. Border risks are important for interpreting real risks.

Identifying Risk

The filers enable risk identification through individual country risk selection or alternatively risk can be analysed at a global risk level identifying all countries in that risk category.


FATF country risk analysis is incorporated into our country evaluations. We simplify what is normally bulky and complex data into a single country risk rating.

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