AML Business Risk Assessment

An anti-money laundering business risk assessment must identify vulnerability to facilitate acts of money laundering and/or terrorism financing.  Business areas with common vulnerabilities include customers, products/services, nature and complexities of the business, how products and services are delivered to customers and the geographies it connects with.  AML360 provides a secure Cloud account for undertaking an AML business risk assessment. Comprehensive risk reports are included with unlimited updates over a 12-month period.

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Web access through a secure Cloud account.

Risk Based

Application of the regulatory risk-based approach.

Case Management

Use your online register for internal and external reporting. 


1. Firm Risk Assessment

There is no better way to administer an AML/CFT firm-wide risk assessment. Select data on the screen, add customised notes, and then click 'Calculate'. You receive a comprehensive risk report, heat maps and an online register to allow easy updates. The risk report examines five key risk divisions of (a) Nature, size and Complexity of Business, (b) Products and Services, (c) Method of Delivery, (d) Customers and Institutions and (e) Geographies. Over 40 areas are examined in total, with an explanation of risk elements for each.

2. Client Risk Profiling

AML/CFT risks are more than an AML business risk assessment. AML/CFT Risks need to be understood at a customer level too. Under the risk-based principles of AML/CFT compliance, businesses must know clients with higher risk. Higher-risk customers should always be escalated to senior management. There is also an expectation that firms will have systems in place to monitor customer behaviours and amend customer risk accordingly. With AML360's platform, your client profiling is displayed in a risk register, ensuring client confidentiality using a unique identity reference. The client profile register includes case management and task assignments with the ability to appoint responsible persons, set priority levels and track progression.

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