AML Supervision in New Zealand – the Good, the Bad & the Ugly

AML SUPERVISION IN NEW ZEALAND The Good, the Bad & the Ugly Asia Pacific AML, Kerry Grass, Founder AML360 In the year 2000, approximately 20 years ago, I attended my first professional course on combatting financial crime.  It was a 2-day duration. At that time I was working in New Zealand as an Investigator for […]

AML RegTech – How it Works

AML360 meets your AML compliance requirements by providing your business a tailored compliance dashboard. AML RegTech can significantly reduce operational compliance costs by automating policy requirements of data collation, analysis and reporting. By keeping on top of data analysis, businesses can keep on top of regulatory requirements.  AML RegTech allows human resourcing to focus on […]

New Zealand needs to implement an anti-corruption agency – URGENTLY

New Zealand Needs an Anti-Corruption Agency – URGENTLY ASIA PACIFIC AML – Kerry Grass, Founder, AML360 2 October 2020 The recent fiasco of New Zealand’s Serious Fraud Office distributing a press release linked to a political party just 1-day before the election process commencing, is a political bias, claims the Deputy Prime Minister (see story […]

Combatting Political Interference and Corruption in New Zealand

Dangers in relying on ‘Perception’ of Low Risk Corruption Asia Pacific AML – Kerry Grass, Founder, AML360 Updated 5 October 2020 Too much emphasis is based on New Zealand’s rating of having a perception of being low risk to corruption.  The country ranking is reported in the Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI).  The data however is […]