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An Essential UK AML/CFT Toolkit to Simplify Compliance

For less than £60 per week, the UK AML Toolkit supports money laundering reporting officers by providing a Firm-wide assessment, Client risk profiling, Transaction monitoring, a HealthCheck to measure the strengths and weaknesses of the compliance framework, Geography risks and Case management. Delivered as a plug-and-go web-based solution, the AML Toolkit will radically reduce operational costs and achieve compliance efficiency.

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A Complete AML/CFT Digital Framework.

AML customer profiling
Client Profiling
AML Transaction Monitoring
AML business risks
Business Risks
AML Health Check
Health Check
aml case management
Case Manage
AML geography risks
Country Risks
AML Reporting


Automate Compliance with Regulatory Technology

The UK AML toolkit empowers business owners to be readily informed on all aspects of an AML/CFT compliance framework. Alleviate the burden from money laundering reporting officers and gain compliance efficiency with affordable regulatory technology.

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Optional Dedicated AML Professional

You can opt-in to managed services. We appoint you a dedicated AML compliance professional experienced in your industry sector. Your dedicated professional is your first point of call for any ad-hoc queries. They will also alert your money laundering reporting officer when a matter requires attention. This compliance management oversight service is offered at a fraction of the cost of a full-time compliance professional.

If you have a larger number of clients and transactions or different requirements for your AML Toolkit, click on the contact button below to send us a request for a personalised, no-obligation quote.